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Gold and Diamond Awareness in Sierra Leone

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Mar 26 2021

Sierra Leone's "cheap gold" entices the gullible

FREETOWN (Reuters) - Spurred on by record prices for the precious metal, fraudsters in Sierra Leone have latched on to a cheap gold hustle targeting gullible speculators from the United States and Europe. At home, the tricksters enjoy notoriety with nicknames such as “Large” and “Capitalist” and are even admired as latter-day Robin Hoods by some in the impoverished West African country.

Mar 18 2021

Buying Gold and Diamond in Sierra Leone ? | Get it Safely !

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Mar 14 2021

Gold and Diamond Export procedure in Sierra leone

The Directorate of Precious Minerals Trading (PMT) is primarily responsible for ensuring Kimberley Process compliance, export all precious minerals that come from the mines and support NRA by collecting corporate tax in advance. It is also charged with the responsibility for monitoring and intelligence gathering in a bid to stop conflict diamonds passing through the legitimate channel, illicit trading, smuggling and cyber fraud

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