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You won’t be compromised on security whether the shipment is of high or low value.

Air Freight Shipping

We offer a comprehensive range of air freight forwarding services with guaranteed daily distribution to and from all major airports.Our air freight forwarding service includes; specialist customs clearance, on site attendance and hand carry and courier facilities.

Our air freight forwarding service also includes:

* Must Fly
* Scheduled Economy
* Consolidations
* Cross Trade
* Part/Full Charter
* Customs

Close contact with our well established representatives ensures an efficiently organised UK, USA, China and numerous countries from the Middle East and Asia air freight forwarding service tailored to the requirements of each individual customer at competitive rates.
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Gold and Diamond Security

At Belatrix Logistics Limited, We understand that sometimes our customers needs to move high valued Minerals like Gold and Diamond to and from countries in which they themselves aren’t based but are afraid of taking risks. Belatrix can provide they following:

* Inspection Services
* Secure Storage Facilities
* Insurance
* Due Diligence

Belatrix Logistics Limited is conducted to the highest standards of Security and professionalism by dedicated staff working under stringent operating procedures and compliance regimes to ensure you a smooth delivery and a 100% legit business deal satisfactory in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Ghana and Africa.

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Ocean Freight Shipping

Belatrix Logistic provides ocean freight planning and consultation services and advice, to simplify your financial transactions. The selection of shipping lines, consolidation options, container specifications, packaging requirements and customs classification are additional areas in which our ocean export professionals provide valuable assistance.
We offer our clients the options of ;

LCL and FCL shipments,
Transit Loads
Reefer Loads
Heavy Loads
ro/ro and break bulk services.

In addition we also offer specialized ocean services for out-of-gauge and over-size shipments. We employ an expert staff of logistics pro's to coordinate your ocean export or import programs.


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    Belatrix Logistic is managed by high profile well known, elite and experienced personnel in the cargo and ship handling industry and its consider as one of the best shipping and Logistic company in sierra leone.

    Every team member has experience in the industry of not less than six (6) years. Each of them is focused on enhancing our services in a particular discipline be it customer relations, official computerized data and operations to meet the dynamism in the cargo handling industry. We are equipped with technical know-how personnel and logistics to effectively carry out assignments on the ground and in the office in a time effective manner.

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    Latest Blog Post

    Buying Gold And Diamond Success Factors With Belatrix Logistics Limited

    Buying Gold and Diamond in Sierra Leone ? | Get it Safely !

    • 18 March 2021
    • By Susan Bantamoi

    Arranging for gold and diamond online is a tough call. Your prime focus is mainly to find something that actually exists. The other neglected yet most important side is the authenticity of the product and the safety of its arrival.

    Diamonds and gold are no small purchases. You deserve to feel secure while buying something of such high value. Thanks to Belatrix Logistics, you now have access to a reliable and trustworthy marketplace. Africa is home to some of the world’s top diamond producing nations.

    Most of the other gemstones, crystals and metal concentrates are also mined here. To help you get your hands on the best products in the market, this is your ultimate guide on how to buy gold and diamond in Sierra leone and Africa without getting defrauded. Keep reading to find out how to buy gold and diamond in Africa without getting defrauded. Continue Reading

    Precious Minerals Trading

    • 14 March 2021
    • By National Mineral Agency

    The Precious Mineral Trading Directorate (PMT) has a primary responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Kimberley Process, exporting all valuable mining minerals and supporting NRA via early collection of corporation tax.

    It also has the role of monitoring and intelligence collection with a view to ending lawful channel diamonds, illegal dealing, contraband and cyber fraud.

    This is to be done in cooperation with the law enforcement authorities concerned.

    The PMT is also compelled to ensure all monies for diamond and gold transactions are remitted through one of the local commercial banks and export taxes are paid into the Central Bank. Export tax for diamond is paid in United States Dollars and for gold in the local currency. It is also within their mandate to monitor international price for precious minerals, improve on valuation techniques in order to enhance export tax

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    Sierra Leone's "cheap gold" entices the gullible

    • 26 March 2021
    • By Simon Akam

    FREETOWN (Reuters) - Spurred on by record prices for the precious metal, fraudsters in Sierra Leone have latched on to a cheap gold hustle targeting gullible speculators from the United States and Europe.

    At home, the tricksters enjoy notoriety with nicknames such as “Large” and “Capitalist” and are even admired as latter-day Robin Hoods by some in the impoverished West African country.

    But authorities fear the scam -- which relies on the false belief that gold can be bought there at a fraction of world prices -- is ruining efforts to rebrand Sierra Leone as a serious investment venue a decade after civil war.

    “They are causing us a lot of problems in government,” said attorney-general Frank Kargbo.

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    Latest News

    Belatrix expands its partnership with Alsephina
    By Belatrix Logistics Limited

    Belatrix Logistics, One of the Sierra Leone leading supply chain management companies, will strengthen its partnership with Alsephina Limited in Holland by renewing its existing business partnership.

    Belatrix acquires 18 new vehicles in Neitherlands
    By Belatrix Logistics Limited

    To further enhance its customer service offerings, Belatrix Logistics has signed a two-year lease with Mirzam | trailers


    We value our carriers as a customer, so the same principles of honesty, integrity and compassion apply here as well. We follow the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This means that we will treat you with respect and take care of you, the way we would want to be treated. Bottom line is We take care of our carriers because you are our assets!
    Our Commitment to Customer and Carrier Service is First and Foremost. There is no avenue we won't explore to ensure the best possible experience to our Customers and Carriers. Being a middleman requires that we provide an exceptional experience to our customers or our carriers.

    We are a service company that moves freight and without our customers or carriers we cannot be successful.

    Our dedicated team is comprised of professionals that understand every aspect of your shipment, with each member ready to learn about the unique needs of your business, as well. We want to deliver more than just the service you contacted us for, we want to deliver satisfaction, trust, and a strong business partnership that will endure for a life time.

    Whether you want to purchase Gold Bar or Rough Diamonds and have them shipped to any destination around the world, Our world-class team is built to help you close fast, safe, and profitable transactions on time, every time!

    Belatrix is here to guide you step by step to ensure a secure and smooth transaction between buyer and seller,

    Buying gold and diamond with Belatrix involve secure transactions. You are provided with an escrow system to mitigate risk between the genuine sellers of Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ghana, Liberia, and other countries of Africa.

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